Life can throw various challenges in your direction.

Having the compassionate help and guidance of an experienced clinical psychologist can enable you to cope better, increase your resilience, and restore your confidence and happiness.

I enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults as well as families.

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Bev KillianĀ 

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Life can be difficult, puzzling and filled with challenges. Knowing that you, or your child, need help is fundamental to beginning the process of change. Psychologists facilitate change through understanding, and supporting the release of pent-up emotions and feelings.

My goal in working with clients (adults, teens or children) is to alleviate distress and build on personal strengths and abilities.

In our society, it still requires a brave step to see a psychologist. South Africans tend to seek help only as a last resort. This is unfortunate! Generally, the sooner we can share an emotional burden or pain, the sooner we find relief.

People see psychologists either because they have a problem, or they wish to be happier, more fulfilled, and better able to cope with life.

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